Workshop Dates

Our workshops are only scheduled when it is guaranteed to run. Although it will most likely run, it may be cancelled, and any registrants would be notified at least two days before the scheduled start date. Our calendar is updated on a frequent basis so please check back for any upcoming dates.

Below are the current workshops and dates we have scheduled:

TitleBriefVenueDate (Time)
Train the Trainer - Training for ExcellenceTrainers have an important role in sharing their knowledge, developing skills and getting the best out of individuals and their team. To enable them to be effective they need to be confident in training both individuals and small groups on how to complete a task to the required standard. This will enable them to take a client comment or operational issue from their department and provide appropriate training to improve the client experience and levels of satisfaction and excellence.AntworkSeptember, 2018
My Career Goals and I: Going Back to the RootsThe “My Career Goals and I: Going Back to the Roots” workshop is a journey of self-reflection that will result in the re-discovering and re-learning of personal behaviors that will influence your career advancement, whether you are employed or in between jobs or careers.The benefits of this workshop are in the customizable exercises that can be adapted to match your schedule and career goals.AntworkOctober, 2018
Data Analysis for Effective Decision MakingData is an indispensable factor in ensuring business continuity and sustainability of any organization. It first must be acquired then carefully assessed before it can be employed in the decision-making process. Through the adoption of careful scientific methods, application of proven analytical and evaluative tools and techniques provided by this workshop, corporate managers will learn to gain data-driven insights into eminent issues and contingencies. To formulate and implement business strategies while mitigating risks and managing their resources more efficiently to make effective decisions, overall, achieving strategic organizational objectives.AntworkOctober, 2018
The Learning Organization – Nurturing ExpertiseAs it takes less and less time for one product or technology to replace another in today’s marketplace, there is no longer such thing as ‘Permanent Competitive Advantage’. Therefore, organizations are required to nurture their distinctive capabilities in order to sustain a competitive advantage as part of their business strategy. Managing strategically means continually building and maintaining organizational resources (Coulter, 2013) with various resources representing the inputs for organizational capabilities. Hence, this workshop helps organizations plan and implement their competence development plans on the tactical and strategic aspects so that they can successfully operate in dynamic and complex business environmentsIn-HouseOn Demand

Please contact us for workshop outline and for registration.

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