Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness is about how effective an organization is in achieving the best possible economic outcomes it intends to produce from the available resources; in other words, achieving its goal of making a profit when each individual is doing everything they know how to do and is doing it well.

Highly effective organizations exhibit strengths and achieve results when considering the three components that focus upon all areas and dimensions of an organization: Business Acumen, Infrastructure and Management. For an organization to achieve and sustain success, it needs to ensure the development of its resources within the context of all three components.

Using PDA’s knowledge in professional development, based on the expertise developed over many years by a community of multi-disciplined experts, we have been able to create training programs around these key components with the aim to enhance skills and achieve results; and ultimately to achieve sustainable foundation capable to develop and grow.

These flexible role-based skills training programs can be adjusted or tailored from the ground up to fit any business needs in terms of delivery and content, with the flexibility to map development programs to industry-specific needs and challenges. Content from the client can be incorporated into the programs, to ensure participants engage with relevant and realistic learning activities.

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