Our programs have been designed with today’s business needs in mind to match specific challenges without comprising on client’s ethos along the way. These programs are specifically designed to meet the development requirements of the organization and they offer a broad mix of information, practical knowledge and hands-on experience delivered by experts in the field who are carefully selected for their experience, expertise, enthusiasm and empathy.

Delivery of the workshops is flexible (and only scheduled when the workshop is guaranteed to run) and tailored to fit the organizational and individual requirements. The personalization of the programs ensures that the required development support is delivered in the most appropriate way in order to guarantee both organizational and individual success.

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The issue with many companies today is that organizations put tremendous effort into attracting employees to their company, but spend little time on retaining and developing talent. Having the right talent management framework to attract, develop and retain the right talent is key to success in today’s game of business survival and is a critical source of competitive advantage. It is the investment that will pay dividends over the course of its use into higher productivity. This workshop aims to identify the key stages to successful Talent Management within organizations and explains the journey towards creating organizational excellence.

In order to communicate and present competently (appropriately + effectively) while participating in debates or delivering speeches, a speaker must possess conceptual understanding of public speaking and the necessary skills to accompany that knowledge.

This blended coaching and training 8-week program is designed to allow participants develop impactful vocal and body language performances and develop new techniques to to generate engaging content.

A Design Thinking workshop that focuses on career advancement through a journey of self-reflection that will result in the re-discovering and re-learning of personal behaviors that will influence your career advancement, whether you are employed or in between jobs or careers.

Participants will learn innovative and creative approach of problem-solving methods to avoiding career stagnation. The benefits of this workshop are in the exercises that can be adapted to match your schedule and career goals.

This workshop has been designed to help managers lead their teams during transitions while ensuring high motivation and ensuring behavioral adaptation to keep up with the organizational change dynamics.

Introducing design research methodologies for organizations and entrepreneurs to improve on their Design Thinking skills for more accurate, successful and innovative results.

This workshop aims to reveal how cultural perceptions, behaviors, and decisions toward services and vendors in potential markets are non-linearly impacted by particular socio-cultural factors in an unconventional manner, painting a different picture than the one projected by traditional cultural theories and establishing trusted strategic framework for positioning and sustaining businesses in those markets.

This workshop has been designed for senior managers who have strategic responsibilities yet are still involved in operations (directly or indirectly through direct reports) to help them holistically understand corporate strategies and how to put them into practice within the organization to achieve organizational maturity within the incumbent market conditions.

As it takes less and less time for one product or technology to replace another in today’s marketplace, there is no longer such thing as ‘Permanent Competitive Advantage’. Therefore, organizations are required to nurture their distinctive capabilities in order to sustain a competitive advantage as part of their business strategy. Managing strategically means continually building and maintaining organizational resources (Coulter, 2013) with various resources representing the inputs for organizational capabilities. Hence, this workshop helps organizations plan and implement their competence development plans on the tactical and strategic aspects so that they can successfully operate in dynamic and complex business environments.

This strategy related workshop has been designed to enable senior managers conduct analyses of their own capabilities and understand how to nurture them further within the process of value creation.

Entering the business world can be tricky, initiating from doing and saying the right thing at the interview, all the way to acquiring necessary skills to succeed and everything in between.

Well we do and know how to make you know in addition to so much more life preparing skills. Our offered modules consist of various topics encompassing the complete framework are specifically formulated and tailored to equip fresh graduates with the desired learning in the challenging transition from the academic to the business world.

These programs are designed to be flexible to suit participants’ needs offering a broad mix of information, knowledge and behaviors to help achieve full potential. Modules may be chosen individually if required to enhance a specific area within the framework.



This workshop has been designed to highlight the dynamic nature of projects and the importance of prior planning with the rest of the team on the granular level to ensure the right resource with the right competence and cost-efficient man-hour is assigned to the right task within the project so that accurate decisions are taken at the functional/business/corporate levels.

This workshop has been designed to enable managers make use of the structural, functional, and processes related changes to run their operations with optimal quality and in full accordance with the strategic decisions/objectives of the organization.

In order to successfully lead third generation (modern) organizations, contemporary techniques must be used to address the challenges faced by those organizations. Neuroscience offers some of the cutting edge tools to redefine leadership’s purpose in the workplace to establish credibility, create value, and leave a legacy to inspire future leaders. Accordingly, this workshop Introduces cognitive choices for leaders in the workplace, explains perceptions in relation to leadership behavior in a rational, structured yet simplified manner, identifies the implicit factors that can influence leaders’ decisions, and help people and organizational leaders widen their choices when dealing with conflicts in their organizations.

Following the recommendations presented by the B20 (Business 20) taskforces to their respective G20 governments, SMEs empowerment represents a stepping stone in boosting the economic conditions in the B2B & B2C marketplaces. Therefore, equipping the smallest of businesses with tools to be connected to world economy can boost the whole economical apparatus. Therefore, this workshop conveys to its participants a holistic examination of the current economic conditions, highlight the importance of SMEs in the marketplace with respect to global economic requirements then bridges the gaps for helping SMEs become part of the economic pie by emphasizing issues in processes, performance, and transparency.

A positive attitude helps you cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking. With a positive attitude you see the bright side of life, become optimistic, and expect the best to happen. Learn how you can change negative thoughts into positive ones. Discover what factors affect your thinking and how you can change the patterns. Look at how expectations can affect the way you think.

Our ability to deal effectively with our emotions in the work place is critical to our success as managers and service providers. As the pace of the world increases and our environment makes more and more demands on our cognitive, emotional and physical resources, Emotional Intelligence is increasingly critical as a skill set. Emotional Intelligence strategies combine with native intelligence increase our ability to successfully manage the constant challenges from customers and our business associates. We will learn tools, techniques, skills and perceptions to perform your role and manage your emotions with confidence and positive results.

Introducing organizations, entrepreneurs and new start-ups to an innovative problem defining and problem-solving techniques allowing you to come up with effective problem solving ideas that makes you different and more successful.

Trainers have an important role in sharing their knowledge, developing skills and getting the best out of individuals and their team. To enable them to be effective they need to be confident in training both individuals and small groups on how to complete a task to the required standard. This will enable them to take a client comment or operational issue from their department and provide appropriate training to improve the client experience and levels of satisfaction and excellence.


Selecting the right people for the right roles can mean the difference between success and failure. Staffing decisions that meet the needs of both the organisation and the individual must go well beyond simply matching job requirements with candidates’ academic credentials or technical qualifications.
A fundamental difference in assessing candidates that is the use of behavioral event interviewing techniques. From this starting point, required competencies can then be identified and candidates assessed to achieve the ideal job/person match for assuring superior and sustained performance.

This workshop gives managers the basic tools that will equip function managers to handle numerous human resource tasks that have become part of their job description. The sharing and diffusion of these tasks throughout the organization has had an impact particularly on those that are not equipped with the skills or knowledge to deal with these issues.

This workshop is designed to develop participants capability in developing a pay structure that is consistent with organization’s reward strategy. It will provide an understanding and practical experience of the tools and techniques used in analyzing, designing and managing a pay structure.

This workshop helps in creating a decision framework that aligns workforce variables (meeting talent needs and closing skill gaps) with the broader organizational strategy that ensures the optimal skilled workforce is hired, developed and retained to deliver organizations business plans. It focuses on the process of planning strategies and practices for the overall health of the organization.

This workshop explains the importance of performance management and the criteria for an effective process. It touches on objective setting and ‘feedback giving’ making sure the employee and the organization are focused on the same priorities and are having a streamlined relationship which improves communication and interactions between them both.

This workshop will introduce to participants the strategies and processes to implement succession planning and skill development. It will deepen participants understanding of the key elements of the process as well as preparing and retaining future leaders with the necessary experience and skills for them to be successful.

Covers the essential elements of organizational development and how to successfully transform an organization from a current (As-Is) state into a future (To-Be) state.

This workshop will develop participants capability in organization design enabling them to deliver a high-level design process of their own. It will deepen participants understanding of some different approaches and theory of organization design and understanding about when organization design can benefit a company. It includes tools and approaches which can be applied in any organization context.

This workshop is designed to develop participants capability in analyzing and evaluating jobs. It will guide participants on how to conduct a thorough job analysis, explore issues associated with the writing of job descriptions and the different methods to evaluating jobs and its impact on other HR components.

This workshop covers aspects of career planning and development related to helping employees identify their career paths and opportunities within the organization as well as understanding what it takes to get a promotion, transfers or job rotation. It outlines the approach to designing, developing and implementing a career management program that can fulfil a variety of functions; increasing contribution, improving performance, retaining employees and boosting morale.

Covers how to best create, design and implement a Balance Scorecard Framework including vision, mission, goals, objectives and initiatives.


Even the best can get better when high performing teams sharpen their focus. This course considers the strategies and tactics required for success in selling in a long sales cycle. It examines the varying levels of contact involved in the decision making process and the professional sales techniques required at each stage of sales cycle.

With service excellence, there are no losers. Customers win. Employees win. The organization wins. Delivering first-class service is a successful strategy for everyone. This course covers all the essential techniques enabling you to identify your customer’s needs and keep delivering a level of service that ensures increased profits.


The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a United States federal law that promotes cross-border tax compliance by implementing an international standard for the automatic exchange of information related to US taxpayers.

FATCA regulations require tax authorities to obtain from foreign financial institutions detailed account information about their US taxpayers on an annual basis. Congress enacted FATCA to make it more difficult for U.S. taxpayers to conceal assets held in offshore accounts and shell corporations, and thus to recoup federal tax revenues.

In this workshop, we will provide participants with practical knowledge related to the law and the challenges faced with its application.

Money laundering is an illegal act intended to conceal the source or use of illicit funds, by converting cash into untraceable bank transactions.

The Lebanese Parliament passed Law No. 318 which criminalizes money laundering, defines fines and sanctions, and creates a framework for lifting banking secrecy. This law kept the Lebanese banking sector away from money laundering operations and led to dropping Lebanon from the list of countries not cooperating with the ‘Financial Action Task Force’ (FATF) Law n°32/2008.

In this workshop, we will provide participants with information related to the process, measures and initiatives taken to detect and prevent money laundering or protect yourself from getting involved in money laundering activities.

The Banking Secrecy Law did not create secrecy as a privilege but as a duty banks must observe, not just for the benefit of the banking profession, but more specifically for the interest of the public and of those who deal with banks.

In this workshop, we will provide participants with practical knowledge and valuable information related to various aspects and elements needed to avoid implications for non-compliance.

Corporate law is the body of laws, rules, regulations and practices that govern the formation and operation of corporations. It’s the body of law that regulates legal entities that exist to conduct business.

The practice of corporate law involves general corporate matters, such as the incorporation of companies, directors’ and shareholders’ rights, articles of association, board meetings, secretarial matters and the public listing or de-listing of companies.

The most important issue in learning corporate law is to identify the different types of corporation and partnership because of the several legal consequences.

Navigating the minefield of labor laws is becoming increasingly hard in today’s workplace. It is more critical than ever that you are armed with the information you need to protect your company from expensive liability.

In this workshop, we will provide participants with practical knowledge related to various aspects and elements of the Lebanese Labor Law and NSSF needed to avoid misinterpretation of the codes, disputes and risks of breach.

Understanding the Lebanese Tax System is becoming ever more difficult. It is critical in today’s workplace to have a clear understanding of how tax considerations impact the shaping of business transactions.

In this workshop, participants will enhance their knowledge about the processes and details of the taxation system by learning and applying practical exercises and case studies.

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